“Designing the interior of your home should be a happy and harmonious process”

As an interior designer, Fiona can help you visualise your space and create something that is beautiful, both visually and emotionally. Fiona feels her role is to connect her clients to their space, reflecting their personality and designing a home that is beautiful, practical and comfortable to live in.


Design is a creative and thoughtful journey and not an instant process. As with her landscape projects, Fiona's aim is to develop an interior design that works with the architecture of a building and not against it. Finding a balance and harmony for a space is key, as is helping clients visualise how furniture, lighting, soft furnishings and storage will look as they move around their home.

Fiona often works with architects and contractors in the early stages of a project. In her experience, this early engagement nearly always saves time, energy and money in the long run.

Not every interiors project requires a completely new start. Fiona's fresh perspective can often transform your home by sourcing a new special centrepiece that brings everything together.


“Fiona’s fresh perspective can often transform your home with little more than a new colour scheme.”

How the process works

The design process always begins with developing a brief with a client and then pulling together potential ideas. Fiona's skill comes from being able to contextualise a space and help visualise how it can work but also be realistic with what can be achieved within budgets and timescales.

Following the initial consultations, work can then begin on layouts, designs and visuals. Fiona is a very hands on designer and, with some clients, finds that simply repositioning existing furniture is enough to stimulate their thinking.


“For Fiona, the hand-drawn design process gives a deeper understanding of how to get the best out of the space”


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